Why Take On Truth?




“Truth is bigger than either of us. Therefore, bridges are critical. This is why we Take on Truth.”

Inspiration for Take on Truth was birthed when a friend, a former member of my church youth group, called me a “libtard” for challenging his political views. Many people hold extreme positions on issues in our society and have little to no reliable data or clear reasoning to back them up. Social media has exacerbated the problem. Individuals gather around themselves only those who agree with them, “unfriending” those who disagree, and people with extreme, unbalanced views find a platform to spout their dogma.

To make the situation worse, the ability and skill to respectfully debate has dramatically declined. It appears people don’t know how to argue their views without being rude or getting personally offended. Consequently, “the crazies” gather an audience, views don’t get challenged, and the gap between ideologies grows. In this kind of intellectual climate the propagation and proliferation of extreme views clouds the truth, making it harder to find, particularly when people don’t know how to address the arguments. As a result, the issues in our society don’t get discussed rationally.

Truth is often found somewhere between extremes. Fundamentalism, regardless of which side it’s on, is usually out of balance. One side is misrepresenting the views or arguments of the other side, and thus some aspect of the truth is being overlooked or misunderstood. Neither of us on either side of an issue has a corner on the truth, but in the context of healthy, respectful dialogue, together we discover deeper truth.

Relationship is key. When we are willing to truly listen to the perspectives – the feelings, testimony, and rationale – of those who oppose our views, then our own ideas get corrected, sharpened or even replaced. I CANNOT insult you or even put you down for your beliefs if I hope to connect in such a way that mutual exchange of ideas and experiences will happen. I need you, and you need me. Truth is bigger than either of us. Therefore, bridges are critical. This is why we Take on Truth. And it’s my Take on Truth. I hope you’ll join the conversation.


The Mission of Take on Truth

Welcoming seekers and scholars into a diverse community

where the confused seek clarity

where evidence is valued over opinion and

where all feel safe to doubt, debate, discuss and discern.

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